Powerful solutions

Our algorithm for success is derived from our industry experience, commitment to service, and fierce representation of our clients.

Benefits administration


Offering solution-oriented tools with a people-first mindset, bswift’s intuitive, flexible, and innovative solutions simplify benefits administration while safeguarding your data 24/7.

✓ Language translation
✓ Application program interface
✓ Electronic data interchange services


bswift's flexible and agile solution makes benefits administration a breeze – eliminating frustration, lost time, and administrative work so your team can keep their eye on the bigger picture.

✓ EOI approval
✓ Dependent verification
✓ Total compensation statements
✓ Defined contribution


Billing Suite, bswift’s self-service reporting tool, generates custom reports and makes calculations based on each plan’s billing rules for a hassle-free billing, payment, and reconciliation experience.

✓ Premium and vendor payments
✓ Direct billing (retiree and LOA)
✓ Reconciliation
✓ Closed loop payroll


In the ever-evolving world of health care and benefits, bswift offers the assistance you need to keep you in the know and ensure you’re complying with all regulations.

✓ ACA reporting and form processing
✓ Non-discrimination testing


Your year-round hub for enrollment and benefits education, bswift’s benefits platform is accessible anywhere, anytime to help employees make smart decisions about their benefits and health care.

✓ Enrollment (active and retiree)
✓ Mobile app
✓ Single sign-on
✓ Parent/child sites


Real-time reporting and analytics tools make it easy to monitor employee participation, learn how your workforce is using bswift, and leverage this information as you refine your year-to-year benefits strategy.

✓ Alerts and reporting suite
✓ Dashboard
✓ Web analytics
✓ Benchmarking

Benefits advocacy

Piper Jordan’s team of dedicated advocates delivers comprehensive benefits support via personalized, high-touch service. Our loyalty is to our clients, but our mission is to deliver for each individual employee.

Our advocates bring a wide-ranging portfolio of skills and experience that allows us to craft solutions targeted to the needs of the moment while supporting compliance with IRS and ERISA requirements. We can communicate through phone, text, or email, in English or Spanish, with flexible hours to accommodate individuals from coast to coast.

Whether we’re handling a routine task or navigating a complex issue, we respond to each need with inventive, agile, reliable support that allows employees to maximize their suite of benefits – ensuring that our clients’ total benefit strategy is fully realized.

Benefits communication

We embrace multi-dimensional solutions to problems ranging from mundane to systemic. Piper Jordan has blossomed in the creative space in an industry typically dominated by unflattering and stale design approaches.

We know the value of a great end-to-end user experience, thoughtful design, and concise communication strategies.

Benefits consulting

Our deep understanding of the ways vendors structure their financial targets enables us to uncover and eliminate hidden costs, so that we can consistently deliver savings for our clients and richer benefits packages for their employees.

Our approach to benefits consulting rests on three key principles: hiring seasoned industry experts, launching a state-of-the-art discovery process, and nurturing a professional culture steeped in passion for performance.


Innovation in health care delivery, robust contracting, and actuarial analysis coordinate to support a resilient benefit plan


Robust assessment of each PBM’s clinical methodology and drug utilization management, exacting vendor selection standards, and consistent monitoring of execution across eight PBM performance pillars

Population health

Data-driven solutions targeted to employees’ wellbeing needs, improving productivity and engagement while controlling company costs


Providing clear, comprehensive, timely communication and critical insights on legislative updates, health care reform strategies, and recurring deadlines


Aligning disability and medical plan outcomes through innovative policy design, consistent medical management, and streamlined benefit delivery

Life insurance

Employee-focused program design and improved employee buy-in, providing stability and financial security when life events occur

Vendor strategies

Industry-leading discovery analysis, customized marketing tools, stringent performance guarantees, and transparent, streamlined plan implementation

Voluntary benefits

Placing voluntary benefits where they belong - providing medical integration and financial wellness support to employees and their families