In the public Marketplaces, some individuals will be able to access premium tax credits and cost sharing subsides that will reduce their overall cost of healthcare.

Employers need to consider how employees access government subsidies as a part of their overall strategy for offering benefits as many employees will be able to access coverage that is better than the current group plan.


  • Offers an integrated platform for all enrollments, new-hire onboarding, reporting, and benefit procurement; providing benefit administration resources and reducing employer costs 
  • Employers have the ability to choose from a comprehensive suite of custom solutions, allowing tailor-made benefit programs to be offered to their employees 
  • Ability to engage employees and empower them to select the right benefit plans

One System
  • Best-in-class vendors channeled into one enrollment and administrative system 
  • Focus is on meaningful benefits customized to employer demographics
  • Offering various communication strategies to ensure employees understand what they are eligible for, and more importantly, how to comply with the new health care reform law 
  • Inbound/outbound call center 
  • Online decision making tools

What We Deliver
Employer Solutions
  • Core and voluntary benefit offerings 
  • Premium billing 
  • Compliance 
  • Eligibility management 
  • Open enrollment and new-hire events 
  • Carrier management 
  • Member call center 
  • ACA measurement/stability reporting and outreach 
  • Large ACA employer reporting
Employee Solutions
  • Products based on employee income level 
  • Evaluation and consultation regarding Medicaid and Marketplace eligibility 
  • Assistance with all Marketplace form completion 
  • Guarantee issue 
  • Outbound calls following change in eligibility 
  • Ongoing support through member call center

Comprehensive Portfolio of Products 

  • Medicaid eligible 
  • Marketplace eligible and part-time variable employee 
  • Full-time variable hour employees

Outreach and Reporting 

  • New-hires will go through the new-hire onboarding process with a benefits call center counselor who will educate them on 
  • Employer tracking and reporting

Call Center Experience 

  • Determine full-time versus variable status 
  • Medicaid eligible 
  • Non-Medicaid eligible and variable 

Employee Engagement 

  • Outbound, Inbound member service center and Medicaid assistance 
  • Online Tools 
  • Communications